We’re a full-service
resale platform.
We provide the recommerce technology and strategy you need to meaningfully participate in the circular economy.
Better for customers.
Better for brands.
Better for the planet.
The resale market has grown exponentially and is projected to reach $77 billion within the next few years.

But brand-owned resale has typically been too costly and complex for brands to tap into the benefits of resale - sustainability, loyalty, acquisition, and more.

That’s why we founded The Fashion People. We want every brand to easily and profitably participate in the circular economy.
Our Story
Biggest C2C Resale Marketplace in CA

Garderob is the biggest fashion resale marketplace in Central Asia.

We built it from scratch and scaled it to 100,000+ users in less than 18 months.

And we keep growing month-over-month.

We know how to launch, scale, and make resale profitable!


Experts in Recommerce

The Fashion People was founded in 2022 to make resale easier for customers. A game-changing idea with world-class execution allowed us to become resale leaders in a short time.

Accumulated resale expertise, including the latest technologies, and high conversion Customer Journey Map with marketing expertise, allows us to help brands launch their profitable resale and become more sustainable.


Seamless Innovation

Our focus is on designing a superior resale experience for customers that welcomes them into a brand's ecosystem. Our technology integrates with all ecommerce backends, and we work with each brand to get the look, feel, and functionality just right.

It's time to own your resale experience.

We can help.

Get started with your own personal resale site.

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Join our community to stay up to date with the latest news
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